Happy Midsummer & Interview

Hello Friends and Happy Midsummer to you all!
Sorry for my absence lately, but I have spent a week in Singapore visiting doctors and among other things had a wisdom tooth pulled out. Hopefully not losing too much wisdom, like my chef here at the hotel […]

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Space Peacock

Hello again!

Just thought I’d pop in and clarify the colorful round buttons up in the right corner of this blog. They are small and easy to miss, but these are my social media links, in the following order:

Twitter, Facebook (my author page), google+, Instagram, LinkedIn […]

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Singapore Siloso Beach


We just came back from Singapore where we spent the week, since our youngest daughter (getting big now, already 13!) had dental surgery where all her four wisdom teeth came out.

My poor baby girl! She was so brave and we tried to make the best […]

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October it is!


Just landed in Jakarta again, after a busy week in Singapore. In between meetings my husband and I managed to squeeze in a 15 minute walk along beautiful Singapore River. Lots of restaurants and cute colorful houses that make a nice variation in the cityscape, […]

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Finding the Way

Hello friends!

Yes — we are finding the way to move forward! After some discussion with my publisher & team, with many new book titles on the table, we have a winner!

I really like it and I think it’s going to be awesome!

I spent the last […]

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Something cooking

Hello friends!

We’ve had a wonderful stay in Singapore. A totally relaxed weekend, enjoying the nature and the ocean air. We stayed at our favorite hotel on Sentosa island close to the ocean and went for long walks along Palawan beach.

Nothing beats gazing out to the horizon […]

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Inspiration in Singapore

We are back in Jakarta from Singapore, arrived late last evening. Soul and mind rejuvenated by sights like this one: the Science Museum at Marina Bay. Have you ever seen such a building? Like a giant waterlily, rising above its pond. To further enhance the […]

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Greetings from Singapore

Two and a half years ago, when I first set foot in Singapore, I fell in love. The warm ocean breeze coming from the green sea, the palm trees nodding gently to the soft music floating from speakers hidden in the flowers arrangements on the […]

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