Writers & Fishermen

“Writers fish for the right words like fishermen fish for, um, whatever those aquatic creatures with fins and gills are called.”
— Jarod Kintz

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Own Yourself

I was sitting in the couch close to my youngest daughter.

We were browsing the internet for a school project and we ended up in WikiHow. Wow — once you’re trapped in there, it’s almost impossible to get out. 🙂 Or how about interesting articles such […]

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Into the jungle…

Hello dear friends,

Vacation is over and this week I have been diving into my Work-In-Progress manuscript. Thought I might come up to the surface and give you a sneakpeak into what will be my imaginary home this fall.

Part of my manuscript takes place in the […]

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Inspiration in Singapore

We are back in Jakarta from Singapore, arrived late last evening. Soul and mind rejuvenated by sights like this one: the Science Museum at Marina Bay. Have you ever seen such a building? Like a giant waterlily, rising above its pond. To further enhance the […]

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Happy summer(?) writing!

Summer is here!

This is at least what my “body-clock” is telling me. Growing up in Sweden gives you a very precise sense for when to expect snow, darkness and cold or light evenings, birds chirping and warm winds from the ocean. It is in […]

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Writing & Balance

This week I have been thinking about balance concerning my writing. Slowly I am working out a new schedule for myself: writing during weekdays and blogging during weekends is the goal.

Normally I’d be writing when my girls are in school, but I picked (of course) […]

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Glorious mess!

Or Things I learned from an Indonesian tile floor.

No need for perfection.
No need for sama-sama (the same).
No need for matchy-matchy.
No need for new and shiny.
No need for regularity.


Many different makes a beautiful whole.
Function increased; you’re not only walking on the floor, but also smiling.
There are […]

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Monkeys & Writing

Selamat sore!

Good evening!

As the Javanese afternoon slowly turns to evening, the sinking sun breathing gold rims to the leaves of the palm trees, I felt I wanted to share with you these pictures of the jungle. Maybe because my work in progress is set largely […]

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