June 28, 2015

Endorsement by #1 Billboard Artist!


Hello friends!

Today we (my husband and I) have been celebrating the Advance Reader Copies of Beautiful Affliction that arrived from the US in a big brown box! We went to Hotel Dharmawangsa for dinner and while there in the beautiful garden, we took some pics to show you! I can barely believe it! Here I am, holding the first copies of my book!

So these are the galley proofs, or Advance Reader Copy, which are printed and shipped to magazines and authors, among others, for marketing and to hopefully gain some editorial reviews, or endorsements, or blurbs, as we call them. 🙂

Speaking of blurbs, I have to tell you, yesterday evening I got one that made me happy-dance like crazy! Also, it made me star-struck, since I have been hoping for this blurb (a lot) but I didn’t dare think that I would get it, as the person (the blurber, ha ha) has just released his #1 Billboard album and is super busy with the launch. But he wrote that he spent the week in his cabin, and read my book and then he sent me his wonderful endorsement! Are you curious who it is?

It is Paul Cardall, pianist and Steinway Artist, whose music I listened to when I was sick and especially before my open-heart surgeries, as his music is wonderfully soothing and helped calm my spirit. Not until after my surgeries did I learn that he too, struggled with heart disease and then his music became even more special to me. Paul’s story is breath-taking, he eventually became a heart transplant recipient and now he travels the world sharing his wonderful music. You’ve gotta listen to his Gracie’s Theme on youtube!

This is what Paul Cardall said about Beautiful Affliction:

“Lene Fogelberg’s inspiring memoir of life with a literal broken heart teaches us to recognize beauty amidst our own pain and suffering. Having also experienced complicated heart issues and a lifetime of surgeries I found myself reliving my own sacred experience.”

Paul Cardall, #1 Billboard Pianist & Steinway Artist

My goodness, his words bring tears to my eyes every time I read them. I am tremendously grateful and happy that he took the time to read and endorse my book.

Also, the ARC is the authors last chance to find and correct errors, which somehow have made it past editors, proofreaders and the author’s tired eyes. A friend here in Jakarta, helped me read and don’t you think he found two errors! But now I hope there will be no spelling errors left… I have done some minor editing, mostly concerning line breaks etc in the ARC. But I think I am as good as done!

The final version of the book will have a few of the wonderful endorsements on the cover, and also a “praise sheet” in the beginning of the book. But I will give away TWO signed Advance Reader Copies of Beautiful Affliction to TWO lucky winners among those who sign up for my newsletter! So spread the word, and sign up, if you want to see the two spelling errors in my book, he he.

Thanks for all your support and take care,


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  • Oh Lene, this post just stirs my emotions. The arcs, the special (and smart) endorsement, you being (pretty much) done with the book…wow. I’m sure you worry about lots of things at this point as well, but I hope you get to fully savor the moment and your successes. I’m glad you went out to celebrate and how fun with the pictures! So happy for you!

    • Thanks Angelica! I think you’re right, it is important to celebrate and savor the moment, and not just worry… 🙂 I guess this whole thing will feel surreal until I have the finished book in my hands, and even then. 🙂

  • Tror faktiskt inte att jag kommer att uppmärksamma två små felstavningar – kan ju hoppas på en vinst :)! Lycka till med veckorna som är kvar innan lanseringen!

    • De två felen var så små att det var ett under att min vän hittade dem. Känner mig tacksam för att han hjälpte mig läsa med fräscha ögon. Nu får vi hoppas det är felfritt, det är ju det man strävar efter. Men nu när jag vet vilket jobb det är, kommer jag vara mycket mer förstående när jag hittar fel i andras böcker. Puh, vilken process det är! Tack för lycka till och hoppas du vinner en ARC, så får vi se om du ser felen, hi hi.

    • He he, ja men hjälp, ibland blir man bara så där sprudlande glad så det måste ut på nåt sätt. 🙂 Och du har rätt, det är inte så väldigt många veckor kvar! Oj oj…

  • Åh det här är så spännande att jag knappt kan sitta stilla. Huuuur länge ska vi behöva vänta?? (Jo, jag vet ungefär hur länge för jag har bokat den på adlibris. Men ändååååå!) Och helt fräckt hoppas jag såååå att jag också vinner.
    Stort stort fortsatt lycka till med ALLT! So exciting!!!

    • Tack snälla Helena! Jag hoppas också du vinner, då kanske du kan få den liiite tidigare. 🙂 Igår kväll fick jag det slutliga omslaget och de har tryckt in fem blurbar (en på framsidan), hi hi, jag blev så glad för det ser så fint ut och nu börjar vi verkligen gå in på det allra sista… Kram kram

  • Hej
    Ska bli så spännande att ta del av din bok. Väntar med spänning och har börjat nedräkningen till att den ska lanseras,

  • Lene, I’m so excited for you. Holding the first copy of your book in your hands must be such an emotion!
    And hey, looks to me as you aren’t in short supply of emotions! You’re having great blurbs for your book and I’m happy they’re coming from people who mean so much for you and your experience.
    I’m sure this book will be a success!!!!!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! You are amazing, such support all the way! I am so happy to have you as my friend! <3

    • Thank you Rita! Everyone–this is the wonderful Rita Gardner, author of the award-winning The Coconut Latitudes, who was among the first to endorse Beautiful Affliction! Thank you Rita for your wonderful blurb!! <3

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