December 14, 2020

A Hope to Create

Happy Holidays, everyone! How are you doing? This has been a strange and difficult year, to say the least.

In the middle of the pandemic, we moved from Kuala Lumpur and back home to Sweden. We landed in March, and enjoyed the light spring evenings and then the beautiful Swedish summer (I took the photo a few minutes’ walk from our new home). But I have to tell you, now it’s getting a bit chilly! It’s still beautiful though, I love the humid, foggy climate here on the Swedish west coast, often magical this time of year with the naked trees wrapped in thin veils of mist.

As the year nears its end, it’s time for me to choose a new theme word for the coming year. In fact, I’ve already got one in mind that has stemmed from a place of longing in my heart for quite some time now. 

For the last two years I have chosen the simple, but powerful theme word: “Work”. And I have worked hard at honing my craft; to be able to write under challenging circumstances, with or without inspiration, sharpening my discipline. However, at the end of these two years, it all started to feel a lot like just… work. I felt I needed to find my way back to the joy of creating.

So, for 2021, my theme word will be: “Create”. And it has already boosted my enthusiasm and energy! I have picked up long neglected paintbrushes and paint and started painting again, inspired by long walks by the ocean. I can’t even describe how much joy this gives me! And concerning my writing, I am inching closer to reaching my goal in 2021. Hopefully, I can finish this project and finally tell you all about it!

Hope is another word that I feel will define the coming year; instead of making plans for 2021, I have written a list of “hopes”. One thing we have learned during this past year, is that plans can be changed drastically and without warning. There are still a lot of questions about how and when things might go back to something resembling normalcy after the pandemic, and meanwhile I can draw comfort from my list of “hopes”, hoping they might one day come true. One of these hopes is to be able to visit my parents who are living in Spain, and another is to finally finish my big writing project. I also wish to write more poetry and keep painting, making next year into a year of bustling creativity!

I also hope for all of us to be healthy and happy and surrounded by love and support, finding joy in the days as they come.

What are your wishes and hopes for 2021?

Hugs and take care,


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