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February 26, 2016



We are finally starting to feel at home here in Kuala Lumpur. We have found the grocery stores and unpacked all the boxes and even managed to put our Indonesian carved wood artworks on the walls.  (The picture is the view from our living room, I just love the green and blue hills surrounding Kuala Lumpur here in the Klang Valley.)

And last week I was able to dive into my manuscript for my next novel! I tweaked it a little bit and worked on some parts that needed a bit more polishing, and I am happy to report that this week I am finally able to say that I have the first draft finished! Yay!

My head is already spinning with new book ideas, and even though it is always a little sad when the work on a book you love nears the end, it is such great fun to think about the next one!

I am looking forward to settle into our life here in Kuala Lumpur so that I can dive into the next book. The one I just finished was a real challenge to write at times, especially since we moved two times, which always takes a lot of work (especially to a new country!), but we also travelled a lot, and I find it difficult to write when we are on the road. It is inspiring for sure to experience new places, but very difficut to actually get some work done. And I think I am the kind of writer who is happiest when I see the story grow every day, totally immersed in the writing.

So now my question is: what to write next? I can’t wait to start outlining possible storylines, and ponder characters and scenes. Truth be told, I have already started, even though it’s not written down yet. So we’ll just see who speaks the loudest in my head coming days and weeks. 🙂

And oh, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you already now this, (I have not mentioned it here on the blog I believe,) but in January I signed up with Abrams Artists Agency, Literary Division in New York, who now represents me. I was contacted by my literary agent David Doerrer after he found Beautiful Affliction on Amazon, some ten weeks after publication. A week later my book hit #3 on The Wall Street Journal bestseller list and I was contacted by a number of agents, but I felt that Abrams would be the right fit for me. Exciting times!

Thanks for swinging by my blog, and wishing you beautiful days my friends,



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