April 11, 2015

Bali is the perfect place

Seminyak beach

Hello friends!

Just thought I’d give you a heads-up from Bali!

We’ve had pretty hectic days (attending a conference for my husband’s job), but today is when our vacation starts! In the sun bed above is where you’ll find me for the next couple of days. It’s a tough life, being a writer…

Things are moving along under the surface… Soon my ARCs, or the Advance Reader Copy of Beautiful Affliction, will be printed. Very exciting! It has taken a lot of work to reach this stage in the publishing process, but we’re finally here!

What else…? Mostly I am planning to hang out in the pool with our girls (it’s sooo hot mid-day), maybe find some art gallery to check out Balinese art, and to do some more shopping. I have already gone shopping twice with my friend, and once with the girls. It would be nice to visit a temple and to look at handicrafts in Ubud… But mostly we need to unwind, I think. And for that, Bali is the perfect place!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Balinese kids

See you,


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  • Antar att himmelssängen lyser lika gul som solen lyser, varje dag!! – önskar er en härlig vecka hela familjen tillsammans. Kram, kram

  • Awesome! So are you getting any writing inspiration?? That beach bed looks like the perfect place to write, but then again you’ve been working so hard maybe you just want to turn off your brain! Exciting about the ARCs! Dreams becoming reality…

    • Yeah, I think you’re right, I needed to turn off my brain! 🙂 Wonderful to just relax and gaze into the blue sky and then go down to the beach and play in the waves. This is what I needed.

  • Angry-bird pojken fullkomligt kiknar av skratt. Gjorde du någon rolig pose när du tog kortet? Älskar havet, solen och sanden. Snart får vi känna sand mellan tårna, snart är det tillräckligt varmt i norden. Under tiden vill jag kikna av glädje! Kramisar

    • Anders var cheer-leader, han tyckte killarna var alldeles för högtidliga där de satt på rad inför vår spontana fotografering och till slut blev det så underbart stojigt som på bilden. De är ju bara för härliga!

      Och yes, nu har ni våren på gång där hemma har jag sett på facebook, vitsippor och blåsippor redan! Kram

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