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July 30, 2015

Big News!

KL day

We are moving to Kuala Lumpur!

Maybe you already guessed it, when I mentioned we were going on a “mini vacation” to Malaysia. 🙂 We came back yesterday, after three intense days of getting to know the city and visiting friends who live there. I wanted to take more pictures to show you, but we were so busy I barely had time to pick up the camera. Luckily I managed to take a few of the view from our hotel room.

KL evening

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful, vibrant city with green parks and glistening high-rises. We will move in December, to be in place for January 1st.

Here’s also a pic that I took from the living room of our friends who live downtown, with a spectacular view of the famous Petronas Twin Towers:

But we will miss our wonderful friends here in Jakarta, living here has been an amazing adventure, which has blessed our family in so many ways. It is with a heavy heart I think of packing up our life in Indonesia and moving on. It is a good thing we are not moving right away, but have time to get used to the idea and take our farewell of amazing Jakarta.

And oh, I have to tell you: one morning I woke up in the hotel room to find another endorsement of Beautiful Affliction in my inbox!

“Fogelberg has crafted a literary and beautifully compelling story, which is much more than a medical mystery. It is a heartfelt and touching story about a mother who loves her husband and children and struggles with the thought of leaving them behind. Her efforts to give them a sense of her love and how she wants that love to be remembered is what makes this book a magnificent memoir that I will be thinking about for a long time.”
— Steven L. Peck, author of The Scholar of Moab and A Short Stay in Hell

I am very grateful for Steven’s blurb, it didn’t make it into the book, since it has already gone to the printer, but every endorsement is useful during the marketing and PR campaign. And also, on a personal level, it means so much to me every time someone says they loved my book (he really said that! “I loved your book. Thank you for a wonderful read.” !!!). I can’t believe I now have thirteen blurbs!




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