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May 5, 2016



Hello friends! I meant to tell you that I am completely immersed in editing my new novel, because that was the plan, but my goodness, so much stuff is coming in the way! And not in a bad making-me-frustrated-way, but in wonderful ways that just make me shake my head in disbelief that all this is happening to me. Like the other day, when I suddenly spent the day being interviewed by a major US national publication, or the day before, when I was interviewed by Canadian radio… I will post links when they are up, on Facebook and also on the “news” page on this website, where I try to post news that I am aware of. I know I can’t gather everything there, but I try as far as I hear about them, so that news about Beautiful Affliction can be easily accessed in case you want to check them out.

And oh, I haven’t forgotten that we spoke about a home tour of our new apartment! So if you are curious to see our home, you can just head over to Instagram (I am “lenefogelberg” on Instagram, there’s a link in the main menu above), where I am currently posting pictures of our home, or you can check out the “about” page on this website, where the latest pics from Instagram are featured. We are getting more and more settled here in Kuala Lumpur, and it’s nice to have the routines up and running again with school and work… But in only four weeks the summer holidays will start, I think I’ll need to really get serious about editing!

I’m sorry for not blogging as frequently as I used to, but these coming weeks I’ll need to focus on editing… It is actually a part of writing that I really love. The first draft is all there, and I can focus on clarifying and enriching the text, as well as occasionally dive deeply into research.

And also, thank you everyone who congratulated me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, after Beautiful Affliction received a national gold medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards! I am so grateful for everyone who reaches out to encourage me, it really does means a lot!



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