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November 7, 2014

Embracing the Mess

Indonesian tile floor

Today I am reusing the picture from my previous blog post Glorious Mess!

I need to remind myself to embrace the mess, see the beauty in all the odd pieces coming together, just like in this beautiful Indonesian tile floor.

Are you also someone who like it when things are in order, under control, lined up the way you imagined?

Right now my upcoming memoir is juggled back an forth, metaphorically speaking, well that is how it feels, when we are discussing changing the title, subtitle and ideas for cover design… Today I have no idea where this is going to land, what idea might be on the table tomorrow…

All I know is that this is exactly what I wanted! This is what I dreamed about when writing my story, I might just as well enjoy it!

We are in professional hands, me and my manuscript, so let’s enjoy the ride.

Thank you for this time we spent together, I say to the old title, but now it is time to make room for new exciting suggestions. We have been looking at at least twenty, if not forty-fifty, different new titles… But I am embracing the mess!

(*breathe… stay calm…*)






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