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July 23, 2014



Elections in young democracies, as we have learned by experience, can be vulnerable.

After a week of waiting for the results, today Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, was declared winner of the Indonesian presidential election.

As congratulations pour in from the rest of the world, Jakarta exhales.

Indonesia has successfully pulled off a nationwide election, in a country comprising of about 6000 populated islands (more than 17 000 islands in all) and a population of close to 250 million people.


The two pictures above I took from the office of my dentist. Downtown Jakarta is a mix of high-rises and green but crowded streets.

Jakarta’s heavy traffic is famous in Asia, on a regular weekday you can easily be stuck for hours in rush hour.


This picture is the view from our closest shopping mall, and it captures the spirit of modern day Indonesia to me. Small houses made of sheets of corrugated iron next to high-rises and minarets of mosques next to palm trees and patches of banana plantations snuggly between streets.




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