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November 18, 2014

Finding the Way

The stairs Sentosa

Hello friends!

Yes — we are finding the way to move forward! After some discussion with my publisher & team, with many new book titles on the table, we have a winner!

I really like it and I think it’s going to be awesome!

I spent the last week going through my manuscript (again) to really get a feel for the story and the new book title is perfect.

Just to be sure I am going to digest it for a while, sorry folks, you’ll have to wait to hear it. 🙂

But it is a relief though, to finally have a new title, for a while there I was afraid we wouldn’t find one I felt appropriate for this story, but we did! And sorry for repeating this all the time, but my publisher is awesome! It is wonderful to work with real professionals who listen to all my wild suggestions but never lose sight of what works in the market.

So now I can go back to my Work-In-Progress in the jungle, or maybe I deserve a little time off… 🙂 The list of movies coming up is fantastic, this week our girls are all set on Mockingjay, of course, and my husband and I want to watch Interstellar, which seems fascinating… Yep, this week is going to bring a little well-deserved relaxation I think…

Wishing you all a great week as well!

See you soon,


(PS. I took the picture in beautiful Sentosa Island, Singapore.)


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