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May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

LiliesWhat a Mother’s Day! (Today is Mother’s Day in the US.)

I got these beautiful white lilies from Anders and the girls, who woke me up this morning singing (!) and carrying a delicious fruit platter. The lilies (my favorite) make the whole house smell like a summer meadow.

We went to our favorite Korean restaurant for lunch.

And yesterday I got my THIRD blurb! Woohoo! My publisher is just working on the wording a little, but soon I will show you (you can count on it!) 🙂

This weekend has just been great, especially since my dear hubby was away on business during the week, so it is wonderful to be all together again. (Although I managed to write more than usual when he was away 🙂 )

Girls BWHere’s a selfie, which ended up on Facebook last weekend, of me and my girls!

Today I have been pondering how lucky I am to be the mother of these wonderful girls, and the miracle of it, considering my congenital heart disease that went undetected for many years. All children are miracles really, and these two beautiful, kind, smart, girls are my miracles.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,



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