February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s day!

Leaf Heart

Here’s a big, green heart for ya! Love you guys and thanks for all support!

You might have noticed I’ve been experimenting a little with my blog’s visual appearance. I am trying to figure out which way to move forward… In a couple of weeks my marketing peeps will give my website a complete make-over… Hope you will stay with me during this time of changes and follow me to my new blog when that day comes. Not to worry, 🙂 it will be here, same address, same old me, but the blog will be different I’m sure.

Meanwhile I am trying to complete the first draft of my new novel and I am encountering something pretty new to me: writer’s block! Phew! I never knew it could be like this. I have glimpsed it, listening to fellow writers telling of days and days of not being able to write a word. And now it’s happening to me! Gah! SO frustrating! I am telling myself I need to take a break, things have been moving pretty fast… But still, I am a writer at heart and I am never happier than when I have enjoyed a day’s work of writing. Hm, need to get this solved as soon as possible…

I’ll keep you updated! And please, if you have any golden remedies against writer’s block, throw them this way!




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  • Gah, writer’s block is the WORST! I am very familiar with it…One thing I do when I’m stuck on my WIP is work on another project (preferably something smaller – for me, that’s picture books. Maybe that’s why I’ve written so many – ha!). Eventually, something clicks…or not. 😉

    Hm, other tips. Try writing prompts, including the photo writing prompts on my website. 🙂 Play with character motivations and desires. Or write something from a secondary character’s perspective. Or interview your characters (Why are you guys being so uncooperative??). If you’re having problems with plot, one tip I read today is to figure out what’s NOT going to happen next.

    Oh, also, if you want to talk things through or get some writing feedback, or even just complain, here I am! Seriously.

    Sending brain clarity your way! 😉

    • Thanks so much Angelica, I will try all of these! 🙂 I especially liked interviewing the characters, sounds like great fun.

      I think my main problem is I feel somewhat drained of energy and I can feel it seeping into the text and then I lose even more steam… Maybe I need to stop pressure myself and try to find the playfullness I started out with (this MS is actually a pretty funny one, so it needs energy).

      This is great: I think it helps just trying to put words to the general feeling of being blocked…

      And thanks, ha ha, I appreciate the brain clarity coming my way! I think much boils down to that: if you know exactly what you’re doing, what you’re writing, the excitement is there and so are the words…

  • Spännande med din bloggs kommande förändringar. Men mindre roligt med skrivkramp. Jag tror att du kommer ur den snart, om inte redan nu så när alla förberedelser kring utgivningen av din debutbok har satt sig på plats. Jag antar att din hjärna har lite mycket att göra med annat än att skriva på nytt just nu … 🙂

    • Jo, du har rätt, det är mycket annat än skrivande nu som tar plats och mycket som är nytt och ovant, man måste nog tillåta sig själv att landa lite grann…

      Och ja, roligt med nytt i bloggen framöver! Ska bli spännande att se vad de hittar på. Har fått se ett par jättefina webbsidor som de skapat och ge feedback vad jag gillar, så jag hoppas det blir bra.

  • Hjärta till dig också!
    Man har alltid hört att man ska pausa o göra nåt helt annat, när det blir stopp i maskineriet.
    Kanske är det förkylning eller nåt som ligger o tär på energin. Eller kanske en omgruppering av ideer 😉

    • Har faktiskt varit lite småkrasslig hela veckan, så det är inte så konstigt energin varit låg. Men nu tog jag dig på orden och pausade helt här i helgen och gick på bio med familjen och har shoppat och myst med tjejerna, precis vad jag behövde. 🙂
      Hjärta till dig också!

  • Hey Lene, sometimes has happened to me to stop even for a month. Usually it’s because I’m drained and I need the break. I’ve always come back to writing when I’m ready and in fool speed 😉

    When I stop, what I do is usually brainstorming (I love doing it with my friends), I write characters’ synopsis (always helped me flash out characters), I listen to music.

    You know, there is so much going on for you at the moment, I wouldn’t be suprised if you just needed a little rest and relax. I’m sure you’ll be back to writing very soon 🙂

    • Yay, thanks for the pep talk Sarah! 🙂

      You’re right, better to relax and then come back with energy when the time is right.

      Perfect timing for filling up with new impressions, like spending time with family, listening to music, watching movies, going shopping, he he… 🙂

      And great writing tips, thanks!

  • Vad fint att du gav oss ett växande hjärta i form av ett löv. Jag förundras hela tiden över att det finns så mycket vackert omkring oss! Minstingen uttryckte häromdagen att hon tycker inte om regn. Varför då? Man blir blöt! Mitt hjärta gladdes, då vi verkligen blev blöta av regnet på promenaden. Men det var vackert att reflektera över regnet.

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