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June 9, 2021

In Full Swing


I finally finished my big writing project that I have been working on for the past four years! Such an amazing feeling! I have been hard at work for months to complete the editing, and I can finally say that I. AM. DONE. (Well, a text is always subjected to tweaks right up until publication, but you know what I mean…)

This is a project that I have loved writing though, and it feels a little empty now that I don’t get to ‘visit’ the people and places of the story every day. I know they’re fictional, but I have been close to these ‘people’ for four years now, so they’re starting to feel like family. 🙂

Ok, so maybe it’s time for me to reveal a little about this project, with emphasis on ‘little’, he he. I will reveal everything in good time, but for now, I’ll say that it is a Young Adult trilogy, taking place in the near future, in a fictional town close to the small town in Pennsylvania where we lived in the US. There are dystopian elements for sure, and action, drama, friendship, tragedy, love, and some horror in these high impact books whose titles I will not reveal at this time.

It took me about a year to write each of the books, and then an additional year to edit and tighten the whole trilogy so that everything fits together. It has been such a challenge and such a JOY to write these books that are close to my heart. I am sure that I was inspired to write YA by my two daughters who were 17 and 15 when I started the trilogy, and who both are avid readers. One of the challenges was to write in English, my second language, but it felt like the most natural option considering that the story takes place in the US, and that we at the time lived in an, to a large extent, American expat community in Kuala Lumpur.

My literary agent and I are now assessing the best way forward for this project, but I can tell you with certainty that the books will be available to readers in a not too distant future!

Aaaah, I can’t wait to tell you EVERYTHING!! I’m just so excited for this trilogy and I can’t wait to show it all to you! Until then I have planned a summer full of poetry and painting and long walks by the ocean, while I plot my next book…

What are you up to this summer? Will you stay home, or travel somewhere, depending on the restrictions in your area? We will stay home, but we’re cautiously optimistic about traveling to Spain in the fall to visit my parents. Hopefully we can make it happen, but it’s hard to plan things these days. I’m still clinging to my list of ‘Hopes’ that I told you about in my last blog post. One of them was to finish the trilogy, and I DID IT! In essence, my hope was that this year would be all about creativity and I am happy to report that creation is in full swing!



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