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February 18, 2015

Interview (in Swedish)

Hello friends!

A week ago I was featured in a newsletter and I thought I might as well show you! Actually it was a big deal for me, since I have been subscribing to this newsletter for several years, and I never dared dream I would be in it!

It is sent from one of Sweden’s leading literary consultants, Ann Ljungberg, to a big part of the Swedish literary world (which is sort of spread out all over the globe, just look at me! 🙂 ).

Ann has helped hundreds of aspiring authors, established authors and publishers and she is a regular contributor to Sweden’s most famous magazine on writing Skriva. She has worked on over 600 manuscripts and about 170 have become published books. When I had finished the first draft of my manuscript for Beautiful Affliction in Swedish, I sent it to Ann Ljungberg who read it and gave me valuable input. Her enthusiastic encouragement meant a lot to me on my journey of finding a publisher for my story. Ann also encouraged me when I decided to switch language to write in English, but, –sorry–, now I am going all “Swedish Chef” on you again when I publish this interview as it appeared, in Swedish, in Ann Ljungberg’s newsletter:

Interview 1

Interview 2

Thanks for stopping by and for those of you living in Asia: Happy Chinese New Year!


PS. Yep, you see it, don’t you? The picture features the old cover with the long subtitle, this was just before my publisher decided to shorten it to “A Memoir”.

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