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June 7, 2014

Monkeys & Writing

Monkey stone carving

Selamat sore!

Good evening!

As the Javanese afternoon slowly turns to evening, the sinking sun breathing gold rims to the leaves of the palm trees, I felt I wanted to share with you these pictures of the jungle. Maybe because my work in progress is set largely in the jungle, or maybe because I haven’t been to Bali in a while and start to miss it, or maybe simply because the monkeys are adorable 🙂

So I took these pictures in the jungle outside Ubud, the famous Monkey Forest, and there really are a lot of monkeys everywhere, munching their bananas, playing, quarreling and teasing each other and stealing whatever food or water you planned to carry with you into the jungle. (Tip: don’t search in your bag for your camera or the monkeys will think you’re about to grab some food and you’ll end up with a “monkey hair day”.)

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Monkey 3

Monkey 4

Oh, yes, I also wanted to say thank you. Thank you dear friends, who I have met via twitter, blogging, common writing endeavors, or even IRL 🙂

Writing, as we all know, can be a pretty lonely business. But lately I am feeling less like the monkey above, and more like the cool gang hanging out in the tree below. Thanks for that peeps!

Monkeys in the jungle

Writing can also be very abstract, but sometimes it helps finding a picture that can symbolize the word juggling. In my case I like this picture:

Lion stone carving

I want my writing  to be crafted like the balinese traditional stone carving; solid like the stone, beautiful like the ornaments but still strict and contained, which the horizontal lines make sure of, a little terrifying, but with a smile, and fun, like the flowers coming out of the lion’s ears 🙂

Let’s end here, before I start rambling about the beauty of the green moss and from there to Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book The Signature of all Things
 Boy, there was a lot of moss in that book, in a good way of course, I really learned a lot!

Hope you’ll have a great weekend friends!





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