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December 28, 2014

Rain & Homework

rain 1

Yep, it is most definitely rainy season here in Jakarta.

The week between Christmas and New Year is called “the between-days” in Swedish and are usually spent hanging around the house in your pyjamas, eating left-over Christmas food and candy, going shopping, and visiting with your friends; going to the movies or for long chilly walks in the woods.

So if you are wondering what we’re up to; this is it, except going for long walks in the woods, which we do in the malls instead, shopping at the same time. 🙂

rain 2

Also, I am busy writing small texts about my upcoming book BEAUTIFUL AFFLICTION: A Memoir of Surviving Heart Disease. I am learning first hand there are good reasons why it takes about a year for a book to be released: there really is a lot to prepare! I am currently working on “homework” from my publisher due the 29th, which is tomorrow…

I have to tell you, it is almost harder writing about your book, than writing the thing itself! Imagine writing 400+ pages to tell a story and then you’re asked to sum it up in one selling sentence! And then in a short descriptive paragraph. And then pinpoint a couple of keywords describing your book! Gah! It is super-hard! Fortunately, my publisher only askes me to do my best; they are wonderful in listening to their authors and this is a good example of this. The material mentioned is actually prepared by them, but they just want my input first; what would I say about my book? I like this, because naturally, I have a lot to say. 🙂

So even though the book is not released until the fall, we are working hard to make it happen! Well, I am in my PJ’s and stuffing my face with Swedish gingersnaps from IKEA, but still working hard, he he.

See you again soon!



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