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December 18, 2014

Singapore Siloso Beach

Siloso 6


We just came back from Singapore where we spent the week, since our youngest daughter (getting big now, already 13!) had dental surgery where all her four wisdom teeth came out.

My poor baby girl! She was so brave and we tried to make the best of it, ordering a lot of ice cream from room service (doctor’s order!) and watching movies.

It was monsoon in Singapore as well, but yesterday the rain subsided so that my husband and I got an hour at the beach. We enjoyed the beautiful Siloso beach of Sentosa Island, with a view over the South Asian Sea.

I brought my Canon Powershot and took a couple of pics: just click on a picture to enter the gallery.



Thanks for stopping by and also, thank you for the many kind words last week when I revealed the new title of my memoir Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir of Surviving Heart Disease. I am so happy for each and everyone of you who took the time to tell me you like the new title and your thoughts on this.

Big hug!



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