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January 17, 2015

Surprise in Sweden

Swe photo 1

Hello dear friends!

Long time no see! Sorry for that, we have been super busy! We have spent one intensive week in Sweden and it was wonderful to see friends and family again, which we haven’t seen for two years.

Late one evening, when I returned back to the hotel, I had an e-mail in my inbox from my publisher: the first draft of the front cover for my book!!

Actually, the e-mail contained ten drafts, but as soon as I saw them I agreed with the choice of my publisher and designer: there was one design that stood out from the rest, it really blew me away!

I’m not going to show you just yet, even though I want to, but I think I will wait for the final high-resolution copy.

Gah! Are you curious?

The designer and my publisher have created an amazing front cover, I never imagined it would look this cool, edgy and at the same time tell this much about the story. No, I am not going to say anymore right now, except that my publisher and designer are geniuses. 🙂

Swe photo 2

These pictures from Sweden are taken by my talented youngest daughter with her Iphone and I love how they capture the cold winter air and the powdery snow.

Today we landed in Singapore again and after sleeping for seven hours straight, I curled up in a sunbed by the pool. Phew — Gothenburg in January is cold!

See you soon and wishing you a great weekend!



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