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January 1, 2016


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a magical Holiday and New Years Eve and that this new year 2016 will bring many happy, healthy days to all!

To say that we are enjoying ourselves in Sweden would be an understatement. We eat as much favorite food and goodies that we can possibly fit into our bellies, meet as many friends as we can fit into the days and go for long walks in the woods and by the sea, filling our lungs with the salty ocean air.

I love how my small home town on the Swedish West Coast is located by the sea. So many childhood memories of jumping from cliff to cliff and picking little purple flowers in the cracks of the stones!

Even in wintertime there is something magical about the sea: the nuances of grays, layer by layer until the gray sea turns into a gray sky.

This is Sweden! Red cottages with white trims and the jagged horizon of the forest enclosing it all.

Oh, and I have to tell you about the small book event we held for readers in the Gothenburg area! It was a wonderful evening and I am so happy for everyone who attended, for Dorotea who moderated the Q&A session, for Alexandra who opened her home and for my sister Anna who prepared all the delicious food! What an amazing evening we had together!

And here we are! Do you notice the Wall Street Journal Best Seller-sticker I have on my copy of my book? 🙂 !!!!! Yay! I got the stickers just before we left Jakarta, the very day we left in fact, and I can still barely believe it! Woo-hoo!

Wishing you beautiful days ahead and once again, thank you from all my heart for all the support this past year! I truly appreciate it so very much!

Love and hugs,


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