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November 28, 2014

Thunder & Editing

monsoon 2

Hello peeps!

The monsoon is definitely here; the rain is pouring down and the thunder and lightning makes our whole house shake. It is dark like a Swedish winter afternoon and the air is raw with humidity, making me light candles, put on sweaters and search for socks brought from Sweden. And here I am, huddling in my office, editing and editing and editing some more… 🙂

It is a good feeling, to see my memoir manuscript coming nearer to completion with every passage that I finish… Sometimes I feel like I am climbing a mountain of editing, and every now and then I need to take a break to ponder what I just wrote. Every new passage and sentence that I write need to blend seamlessly into the text, like it has always been there, which sometimes is a bit tricky. I read the whole chapter, mull it over, go down to the kitchen to get a snack, come up to my office again and bam! Suddenly I know the right words for that particular sentence.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. but an ordinary Thursday in Sweden and Indonesia. I feel grateful that I get to spend this time with my manuscript, long before the publishing date but long after I wrote the first draft. It’s like hanging out with an old friend and continue the conversation where we left off.

I hope you are all having a great week, wherever you are! I’m grateful for all of you, your support and encouragement!

See you on the other side of my mountain of editing!


PS. I took the picture during the monsoon in Bali.

(My goodness! This last thunder made me jump out of my chair! )


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