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June 27, 2014

Writing & Balance

Bali Nyepi Sunrise

This week I have been thinking about balance concerning my writing. Slowly I am working out a new schedule for myself: writing during weekdays and blogging during weekends is the goal.

Normally I’d be writing when my girls are in school, but I picked (of course) the possibly hardest weeks to try to carve out a new schedule; the summer break, so what’s really going on here is vacation: late breakfasts, lovely long chats by the dining table, movie nights everyone cuddling up to each other in the couch (last night: King Kong) and shopping dates with my girls… 🙂

But before I know it, school will start again and I’ll be alone with my laptop and my manuscript, and I might as well get the mindset of the new schedule straight away. Almost halfway through the first draft, I am really enjoying my new manuscript; a contemporary novel set here in Jakarta. I just need to find the perfect balance, like the fisherman I spotted in his narrow canoe in Nusa Dua, Bali. Slowly he drifted across the lagoon as the sun rose, no hurry, he had all the time in the world, there and then. It was magic.

That magic is what I am after. To be present in every moment, writing or not. This is, I believe, balance worth striving for. And eventually the manuscript will be written, a lot of chats around the dining table will have taken place, and I will feel grateful that I got to be there.



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