July 9, 2015

You can win an ARC!

Hello Friends!

Hope you’re all happy and healthy and enjoying the summer!

We’re moving into the marketing phase of my publishing journey and I have to say, it is very interesting! I just love book bloggers and book lovers and book nerds and it is tremendous fun to contact and be contacted by members of the worldwide book loving family!

Also–tadaaa–my book is ready! It is all finalized: front and back cover with their wonderful blurbs and the interior pages of Beautiful Affliction! Do you want me to show you? I will, all in good time, but for now you’ll have to do with the Advance Reader Copy one more time, he he.

the book

I am so happy for everyone who have signed up for my newsletter and if you forgot, or only just now heard that I will give away TWO Advance Reader Copies among the subscribers to my newsletter: it is not too late! Sign up and you might win a copy! I will draw the winners the first of August so there’s still plenty of time!

I am so happy and grateful for the wonderful endorsement from fellow Scandinavian author Lone Morch, that just made it into the “Praise for” pages in the beginning of my book:

“In Beautiful Affliction Lene Fogelberg takes us on a heartwrenching roller coaster ride as we follow her journey into marriage, motherhood, and across the world with the shadow of death as a constant companion. A poignant and poetic testament to love and the will to live, it reminds us to listen to the whispers of our hearts and to never, ever give up on what we desire the most.”

–Lone Morch, author of Seeing Red: A Woman’s Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred

Lone is a wonderfully generous and vibrant Danish author and photographer, who travels the world taking pictures, especially of women, which she will share in her upcoming book Unveiled.

Also, I can barely believe it, but I have been able to continue the work on my Work-In-Progress manuscript, and I am very happy about it. I have high hopes of finishing the first draft this summer, despite the fact that launch day for Beautiful Affliction is only two months away! I don’t know how I manage to sit still, but I just love this story I am working on and I guess it helps me focus. That and loud music and knowing that our girls are having great fun with friends and family on their summer holidays back in Sweden.

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  • Underbart att du har ork, tid o fokus att fortsätta skrivandet.
    Vilken styrka och go’a hejarop ni ger varandra i författarskrået, måste vara fina injektioner i det ensamma arbetet att skriva en bok. Heja dig!!

    • Jag är helt överväldigad av stödet från andra författare, att de tagit sig tid till att läsa och sedan skriva så fint om min bok. Det betyder jättemycket och som du säger, man känner sig inte ensam längre. Men också så fint stöd och kommentarer här på bloggen betyder massor! Tack! Och kram!

    • Yay, thanks Sarah, happy to hear it! 🙂

      And the new book is a novel taking place here in Jakarta and in the Javanese jungle. It is a tragic and beautiful story told in a funny way, inspired by a true story. The protagonist is a very unusual one, with a unique voice…

      I am sure I will tell you more in the months to come… 🙂 But right now I am keeping most of it to myself, I try not to talk much about my WIPs…

    • Kul att du gillade bilden, det var roligt att leka lite med color splash, har sett att det är väldigt populärt på Instagram. Och jajamän, du har helt rätt, det är ju fokus på boken som gäller nu, hi hi. 🙂

  • Full steam ahead!!! I’m so happy to hear the WIP is clicking, too. I don’t like talking about my WIPe either, but I’d really like to know more about yours. 🙂 And oh, how nice it would be to have some real, kid-free time to write…then again, I’d probably just end up stricken with writer’s block, binge-watching movies!

    Oh, and feel free to share your best marketing advice! 😉

    • How did you know? I’ve been watching sooo many movies! Two days ago I watched three movies in a row. I had severe writer’s block (and I was a little sick). But then I found my way back to the WIP and it’s looking promising. Let me get back to you on marketing advice, I’m only just starting… Will be interesting to learn more about this. Cheers!

    • Halva dagen går åt till att hoppa upp och ner, men sedan brukar jag kunna lugna ner mig och skriva… 🙂 Jippie, snart är första utkastet klart!!

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