Lene F

I am happy and excited (!!!!!) to announce my upcoming memoir The Cicadas to be published fall 2015 by She Writes Press.

I came in contact with publisher Brooke Warner this summer and I am very impressed by her work. She Writes Press started in 2013 and is a new and hungry player on the changing literary scene in the US, having published 70 authors so far. And now (well, next fall 🙂 ) it is my turn and I am happy and honored to be counted among these amazing authors.

My memoir The Cicadas is the crazy story of how… well, I might as well show you the synopsis by She Writes Press:

cicadas synopsis

This is really happening people! I can barely believe it! But when people ask me what was the most difficult part of writing my memoir, I always have the same answer. Living it.

But apart from that, I have learned a ton on writing and all that comes with it, which I will try to put into words in the coming months here on my blog.

But today there is only room for excitement! Woohoo, my book baby is going to be born fall 2015! Thank you everyone for cheering me on, it really means a lot.



Update: My memoir has a new book title and is now called: BEAUTIFUL AFFLICTION. More on this in BOOKS on the main menu.