The cover for my upcoming memoir is finalized!

I am super excited to present the cover for Beautiful Affliction!

Several times a day I’m checking out the cover, (which I have saved in my iPhone), just to make sure it’s real, I guess. This whole thing is starting to feel surreal, but it’s really happening!

I do hope you like it. It is original in the context, I feel, and that is partly why I like it so much. Actually I think it fits my story perfectly.

I came up with many suggestions for cover designs, but my publisher, Brooke, maintained that my story needed an edgy cover, which at the same time gives a clear image of what the story is all about. Seeing her vision come to life by the amazing cover artist, I understood what she meant by this.

BEAUTIFUL AFFLICTION front coverI very much appreciate the thoughts the cover artist and my publisher have put into this. The occasional letters in italics, reminiscent of irregular heartbeats, giving the sensation that something’s off… The stitches and the needles put into the mannequin, sort of beautiful and terrifying at the same time. And the red paper heart, ripped in two and fastened with needles.

When I look at this image, a similar image comes to mind; that of a plastic model of the torso that is used in schools all over the world, which you can open and take out the organs one by one, until you reach the heart…

And I love the overall poetic ambiance, that the cover artist has distilled from my story and managed to show in the cover.

In addition, I feel the cover taps into my Scandinavian heritage, with its clean lines and expressive use of color. I love the play with light, and also the grayish light itself feels like home for me, like it’s coming through a window from a sinking Swedish winter sun.