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Lene Fogelberg is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir. A native Swede, she has lived in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Lightning Tree is the first book in her YA trilogy, The Natural Intelligence Revolution.

A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on twitter with the following caption: “I think I might have found the perfect thinking/writing/doing nothing spot.” Within days it was retweeted 24 times, which was amazing to me, this was after all my very first tweet! And more: I received replies li…
I had never seen them before moving to Indonesia, these wonderful flowers growing from the branches of crooked, generous trees. Generous because they don’t hold on to their treasure, but sprinkle the flowers on the ground, in the water of ponds and pools, in the grass, in the hair of other trees…


Namaste! Greetings from Indonesia! Welcome old and new friends! For you who found this place through my old blog, there is a lot you will recognize here. Mostly it’s the same, only I switched language, and as you may have noticed in the Header, this blog will have a slightly new angle towards bo…

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