Hello friends! I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted lately, so when my husband invited me to join him at a conference last weekend in Bagan Lalang, on the Malaysian Goldcoast, I gladly accepted. And I must have found the inspiration I needed, because I managed to finish the very last revisions in the manuscript for my novel! It was the third/fourth round of edits, so no wonder I was getting a little tired of looking at the same paragraphs over and over…

I had saved the hardest parts for last (I always do this: pick the “low hanging fruit” first, aka the “easy” edits, and then I end up with a bunch of difficult places to go over…) but sitting in a comfy armchair in our house on the ocean, with the sliding doors to the balcony open to this view, and the warm ocean breeze…; I guess this was just the right spot for me, because suddenly those difficult parts were not so difficult anymore, and I found solutions to passages that have frustrated me for weeks.

So I guess that’s the solution to editing frustration: relax, breathe, and enjoy beautiful scenery. Come to think of it, that sounds like a good solution to many kinds of frustrations.

And it’s another story that I woke up Monday morning with a few new revisions in mind! (Maybe I got an overdose of beautiful scenery, ha ha.) But these new ideas were minor really, and easily fixed, so I do have a finished manuscript! Phew! After all this time! It feels surreal; at one point I thought I’d never finish, especially since so much time this year went to physio therapy for my hand, travels, and getting settled in Kuala Lumpur.

Now I can’t wait to start my next book project, I have already started to brainstorm a couple of book ideas. I feel like this is a magical phase, when characters grow from vague notions to real people, and setting and plot come together. This is also the phase when I enjoy immensely to read books on writing, just to boost the place in my brain where stories are born.

So this is what’s been going on with me lately. Hope you’re all having wonderful late winter/spring months, and enjoying yourselves wherever you are!



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