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Beautiful Indonesia

Yesterday, August 17, was Indonesia’s Independence Day, celebrated all over the country.

About a year ago, my husband and I had occasion to visit the place where the Indonesian flag was born: Hotel Majapahit in Surabaya. The days following the Indonesian Declaration of Independence, on August 17 in 1945, the Dutch still raised the Dutch flag on top of the hotel. A couple of Indonesians, offended by this gesture, climbed the roof of Hotel Majapahit, took down the flag and tore off the blue line of the Dutch flag, left the red and the white line and raised the flag again. After that followed the years of the Indonesian National Revolution, until the Dutch acknowledged Indonesia’s Independence in 1949.

The document of Independence was signed by Soekarno and Muhammad Hatta and the airport in Jakarta is named Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in their honor.

I felt I wanted to make a small tribute myself, to the country my family and I are guests in. Here are a few of the photos we have taken on our travels through Indonesia, each of them representing some of the things we love about this country: the ocean and the beaches, the nature, the food, the people and the list goes on…


(Just click on a picture and the gallery will show in a lightbox.)

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