I am very happy to report that several book clubs in the US, Canada and Sweden have chosen to read Beautiful Affliction, something I consider a tremendous honor. I only wish I could be there when they discuss my book after reading it, oh, to be a fly on the wall and hear what they are saying! 🙂

As a helpful tool for book clubs that meet to discuss my book, I have added a new page on my website, called: Reading Group Discussion Questions on Beautiful Affliction , and it can be found on the BOOK page, which has a link on the main bar above. I hope the questions can spark discussion, even though a book club that contacted me assured me they would have plenty to talk about! 🙂 Either way, the discussion questions are up there, and can be used by anyone who feel they might need material on my book, however, I do feel I have to raise a spoiler alert for people who have not yet read Beautiful Affliction.

I also want to thank my amazing friend and writer Angelica Hagman who helped me compile the discussion questions! Angelica did an excellent job putting together thoughtful questions that I feel are wonderful food for thought for anyone who have read the book.

If you are part of a book club, or if you know of a book club, please don’t hesitate to choose or recommend reading Beautiful Affliction, and I would be happy to assist in any way I can. I already have a Skype meeting planned with a book club in Canada, and if I am in the same country and within reasonable distance I would be happy to visit when you discuss my book.

With Love,


PS. Don’t miss the wonderful review of Beautiful Affliction on award-winning writer Robin L. Flanigan’s website!