Rain Forest

Hello dear friends,

Vacation is over and this week I have been diving into my Work-In-Progress manuscript. Thought I might come up to the surface and give you a sneakpeak into what will be my imaginary home this fall.

Part of my manuscript takes place in the Javanese Jungle, complete with demons and vines. No Tarzan though. 🙂 But a girl fighting for her life and an unusual POV/protagonist telling the story. That’s all you’re gonna get for now… 🙂

I’m planning to have the first draft ready sometime this fall, so I can start the rounds of editing as soon as possible. I just love this story!! Love the POV, love the girl, love the setting.

I’m gonna head back into the jungle now, but I’ll try to keep you posted of my battles with the words (and the demons).




(Picture taken by my mother-in-law in Bali.)