It’s done! Woke up this morning, jumped into the shower, put on make-up, went to my hairstylist (he’s awesome) and had a relaxing hour while he fixed my hair. He shortened it a little and blow dried it flat and then he used a flat iron and some products to catch those ever present stray hairs…

After that I went directly to the café where my photographer, Becs Viveash, was waiting. We chatted for a while and then we started. Wow, she is amazing and I am so happy she flew in from Malaysia and was able to do this photo shoot. Also she is super nice! I felt like we’re old friends!

In the first café I wore black, which suited the posh atmosphere. After that we went to another place, more rustic, and when we got there I changed into a casual white shirt in the car. Last we did a couple of pix with an authentic Jakarta vibe. 🙂 For that I changed again, into a gray top.

Photo shoot 1 Photo shoot 2 Photo shoot 3Gotta have a typical orange bajaj in a Jakarta photograph!

Look how Becs is literally standing with her head in the flowers to get the good angle. 🙂

Hope we got a good author headshot today! If I look weird in every photo I’m not going to show you… Not kidding! But that would be on account of me, since I know Becs’s pictures are amazing.

If you want to take a look at Becs’s fantastic photos, you can visit her website: Viveash Photography. If you do visit her, you’ll know why I am super happy and excited that she squeezed me into her tight schedule.

Now I’m going to relax for the rest of the day, hm, wait, I have a couple of more edits in my book to finalize…