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Time flies so quickly! I can barely believe that four years of living in Jakarta have already passed. As I am writing this our house is being emptied by the movers, lifting the boxes containing all our things into a huge truck that will carry them to the container, in which they’ll be shipped to Malaysia. My husband is at the house, keeping an eye on things and doing some last-minute packing, while I am at the Hotel Dharmawangsa, feeling very nostalgic and slightly philosophical over the changes taking place in our lives.

Dharmawangsa 1

Here is the view from my hotel balcony, captured this morning. I can’t believe we are to leave Indonesia already! And I have to confess I am quite nervous about the Swedish winter. (We will spend two weeks in Sweden before going to Malaysia.) I haven’t been in Sweden since last January, and I was SO COLD!! Brrrr… Our Indonesian friends traveling with us at that time didn’t seem half as cold as I was! And before that I had not been home in two years, so it is long overdue.

An hour after I took the photo, the monsoon started, reminding me it is rainy season, and of the inevitable change that is always taking place.

monsoon Dharmawangsa

Oh, how can I leave this enchanted island where even the trees have flowers in their hair?

But I have to look forward and keep going! Onward! Towards new adventures! I hope you will be coming with me. ♥

And oh, did you see that Beautiful Affliction made it to The Wall Street Journal Best Seller list? Number three among Non-fiction e-books for the week ending Nov. 29! I am still pinching my arm every morning when I wake up! 🙂

Wall Street Journal Fogelberg!!!!!!! 🙂

Thank you for all the support, I appreciate it soooo much!

With Love,


PS. If you have read Beautiful Affliction and liked it, I would be tremendously happy if you would consider leaving a review or a rating on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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