Hello friends,

Yesterday was a very special day for our family as we got to meet Afghan Hazara refugees here in Jakarta and spend the day with them. I will tell you more about this, but first I just have to share with you what happened […]

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Stay cool


I just have to show you this picture I took from the car window in an intersection here in Jakarta. Motorbikes with three, even four, people on them is an ordinary sight here — nothing strange about it. Fortunately the traffic is very slow, but […]

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Elections in young democracies, as we have learned by experience, can be vulnerable.

After a week of waiting for the results, today Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, was declared winner of the Indonesian presidential election.

As congratulations pour in from the rest of the world, Jakarta […]

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Go Indonesia!

Soccer is a huge sport in Indonesia. Even when traveling through the smallest village on an island you will see young boys playing soccer between goals of bamboo, shouting pretend names to each other such as Zlatan, Ronaldo, Neymar. As the boys grow up, some […]

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Jakarta’s hidden jungle

Selamat sore!

Good evening!

Here is a picture that didn’t make it into the Gallery Backstreets of Jakarta, but wanted to join in as well. 🙂

It is amazing that this small road can be found in a city that would fit the entire population of Sweden! I […]

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