Crazy week…

Hello friends!
I’ve had one crazy week over here, how about you?
I don’t know where to start, oh, I got to tell you that I got the full cover from my publisher!! Woohoo, it looks AWESOME! I am SO happy with it! The back cover is […]

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Photo shoot

It’s done! Woke up this morning, jumped into the shower, put on make-up, went to my hairstylist (he’s awesome) and had a relaxing hour while he fixed my hair. He shortened it a little and blow dried it flat and then he used a flat […]

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Busy days

Hello friends!
Sorry for not posting in a week, but things are getting really busy! I am going through the designed pages of my book, working on the last corrections. (The designer made my book sooo gorgeous! It is more beautiful than I could have imagined!) […]

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Interview (in Swedish)

Hello friends!
A week ago I was featured in a newsletter and I thought I might as well show you! Actually it was a big deal for me, since I have been subscribing to this newsletter for several years, and I never dared dream I would […]

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New Cover

Lots of stuff happening!
Got the new cover today! The long subtitle has been shortened to “A Memoir”, hope you like it as much as I do.

Also, got my manuscript back from the proof reader, wow, very interesting!
My editors have done a fantastic job and there […]

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