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The Joy of Writing

Hello friends! Today was a good writing day! I managed to get down twice as many words as anticipated, thus making up for Friday which I sort of lost, writing-wise. We have had a lot going on here in Jakarta. Muslim New Year’s celebrations all over town, the girls’ activities, my husband’s trave…

Into the jungle…

Hello dear friends, Vacation is over and this week I have been diving into my Work-In-Progress manuscript. Thought I might come up to the surface and give you a sneakpeak into what will be my imaginary home this fall. Part of my manuscript takes place in the Javanese Jungle, complete with demons…
Two and a half years ago, when I first set foot in Singapore, I fell in love. The warm ocean breeze coming from the green sea, the palm trees nodding gently to the soft music floating from speakers hidden in the flowers arrangements on the sidewalk, the skyline of the city pointing upwards like …

Writing & Balance

This week I have been thinking about balance concerning my writing. Slowly I am working out a new schedule for myself: writing during weekdays and blogging during weekends is the goal. Normally I’d be writing when my girls are in school, but I picked (of course) the possibly hardest weeks to try…

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