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Tag: Editing

New Cover

Lots of stuff happening! Got the new cover today! The long subtitle has been shortened to “A Memoir”, hope you like it as much as I do. Also, got my manuscript back from the proof reader, wow, very interesting! My editors have done a fantastic job and there really wasn’t that much to consider, b…

New Subtitle

An interesting development yesterday! Do you remember I told you of our search for the perfect subtitle? Turns out the marketing team wasn’t that keen on the subtitle! I got an email yesterday: they’d been in a meeting discussing it and they asked me if I would agree to take it out; just keep “a …

New Book Title!

Hello friends! We have been working for weeks to find a new book title for my memoir. As you know my publisher was not satisfied with the previous title The Cicadas, which didn’t do the job sufficiently of telling what kind of book my memoir is, or drawing the reader in. In addition there were t…

October it is!

Hello! Just landed in Jakarta again, after a busy week in Singapore. In between meetings my husband and I managed to squeeze in a 15 minute walk along beautiful Singapore River. Lots of restaurants and cute colorful houses that make a nice variation in the cityscape, otherwise mostly high-rises….

Thunder & Editing

Hello peeps! The monsoon is definitely here; the rain is pouring down and the thunder and lightning makes our whole house shake. It is dark like a Swedish winter afternoon and the air is raw with humidity, making me light candles, put on sweaters and search for socks brought from Sweden. And her…

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