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Time flies so quickly! I can barely believe that four years of living in Jakarta have already passed. As I am writing this our house is being emptied by the movers, lifting the boxes containing all our things into a huge truck that will carry them to the container, in which they’ll be shipped to…

(In Bali!)

Greetings from Bali! We have a lot to celebrate: the girls’ holiday from school, my “second birthday” (which was last week: the 7th anniversary of my heart surgeries), and one month since the official publication day for Beautiful Affliction! In addition, it is Islamic New Year in Indonesia, whi…

Big News!

We are moving to Kuala Lumpur! Maybe you already guessed it, when I mentioned we were going on a “mini vacation” to Malaysia. 🙂 We came back yesterday, after three intense days of getting to know the city and visiting friends who live there. I wanted to take more pictures to show you, but we we…

Steaming along

Hello friends! We’re back in Jakarta, after two wonderful weeks in Bali! We have inhaled lots of ocean air, explored Balinese Hindu Temples, eaten delicious food, jumped around in huge waves, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, and done a lot of shopping. Also, things are moving along with my book, “stea…
Hello friends! Just thought I’d give you a heads-up from Bali! We’ve had pretty hectic days (attending a conference for my husband’s job), but today is when our vacation starts! In the sun bed above is where you’ll find me for the next couple of days. It’s a tough life, being a writer… Things …

Wonderful Bali

This morning I woke up, stepped out of the bedroom, and this is what welcomed me! I just had to reach for the camera! Then we walked the short distance to the restaurant where we had breakfast to this view: Afterwards we walked back to the villa we’re renting here in Seminyak. It’s just around …

Space Peacock

Hello again! Just thought I’d pop in and clarify the colorful round buttons up in the right corner of this blog. They are small and easy to miss, but these are my social media links, in the following order: Twitter, Facebook (my author page), google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and the last button is a…

Surprise in Sweden

Hello dear friends! Long time no see! Sorry for that, we have been super busy! We have spent one intensive week in Sweden and it was wonderful to see friends and family again, which we haven’t seen for two years. Late one evening, when I returned back to the hotel, I had an e-mail in my inbox fr…

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