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In Full Swing

I DID IT! I finally finished my big writing project that I have been working on for the past four years! Such an amazing feeling! I have been hard at work for months to complete the editing, and I can finally say that I. AM. DONE. (Well, a text is always subjected to tweaks right up unti…

A Hope to Create

Happy Holidays, everyone! How are you doing? This has been a strange and difficult year, to say the least. In the middle of the pandemic, we moved from Kuala Lumpur and back home to Sweden. We landed in March, and enjoyed the light spring evenings and then the beautiful Swedish summer (I …


It’s been more than a week since we returned from Sweden to Kuala Lumpur, but I am still a bit jet lagged. Very happy though, that we got the chance to go back home and meet family and friends and enjoy Swedish nature and Swedish food. If you follow me on Instagram, you have been able to see som…


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a magical Holiday and New Years Eve and that this new year 2016 will bring many happy, healthy days to all! To say that we are enjoying ourselves in Sweden would be an understatement. We eat as much favorite food and goodies that we can possibly fit into our…

The world is a book

Look at this perfect birthday gift my mom and dad gave me when we were back in Sweden! A cushion from Svenskt Tenn with the famous quote from St. Augustine: “The world is a book and he who stays at home reads only one page.” I love it! In addition to the lovely quote, the color fits perfectly wi…

Surprise in Sweden

Hello dear friends! Long time no see! Sorry for that, we have been super busy! We have spent one intensive week in Sweden and it was wonderful to see friends and family again, which we haven’t seen for two years. Late one evening, when I returned back to the hotel, I had an e-mail in my inbox fr…

Rain & Homework

Yep, it is most definitely rainy season here in Jakarta. The week between Christmas and New Year is called “the between-days” in Swedish and are usually spent hanging around the house in your pyjamas, eating left-over Christmas food and candy, going shopping, and visiting with your friends; goin…
Summer is here! This is at least what my “body-clock” is telling me. Growing up in Sweden gives you a very precise sense for when to expect snow, darkness and cold or light evenings, birds chirping and warm winds from the ocean. It is in the way Swedes think and speak and plan the year. “We’ll …

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