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Lene Fogelberg is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir. A native Swede, she has lived in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Lightning Tree is the first book in her YA trilogy, The Natural Intelligence Revolution.

Embracing the Mess

Today I am reusing the picture from my previous blog post Glorious Mess! I need to remind myself to embrace the mess, see the beauty in all the odd pieces coming together, just like in this beautiful Indonesian tile floor. Are you also someone who like it when things are in order, under control,…

The Joy of Writing

Hello friends! Today was a good writing day! I managed to get down twice as many words as anticipated, thus making up for Friday which I sort of lost, writing-wise. We have had a lot going on here in Jakarta. Muslim New Year’s celebrations all over town, the girls’ activities, my husband’s trave…

A tiger and his friends

Last Sunday our school hosted a fundraiser event for the Afghan Hazara refugees who are temporarily living in Bogor, outside of Jakarta. It was an intense experience, speaking with the refugees and listening to their story. They told us of the persecutions they have endured, that made them leave…
We are lucky to be here in Indonesia in these exciting times! Yesterday President Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi took the oath of office, alongside his Vice President Jusuf Kalla. I just had to take a couple of pictures of the TV with my iPhone to show you. It was a very worthy and digni…


Hello friends, Yesterday was a very special day for our family as we got to meet Afghan Hazara refugees here in Jakarta and spend the day with them. I will tell you more about this, but first I just have to share with you what happened last night! I tweeted about my special meeting with the refu…

Book announcement

I am happy and excited (!!!!!) to announce my upcoming memoir The Cicadas to be published fall 2015 by She Writes Press. I came in contact with publisher Brooke Warner this summer and I am very impressed by her work. She Writes Press started in 2013 and is a new and hungry player on the changing…

Something cooking

Hello friends! We’ve had a wonderful stay in Singapore. A totally relaxed weekend, enjoying the nature and the ocean air. We stayed at our favorite hotel on Sentosa island close to the ocean and went for long walks along Palawan beach. Nothing beats gazing out to the horizon while the waves are…

Stay cool

Hello! I just have to show you this picture I took from the car window in an intersection here in Jakarta. Motorbikes with three, even four, people on them is an ordinary sight here — nothing strange about it. Fortunately the traffic is very slow, but still, I would feel much more comfortable i…

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