Singapore Siloso Beach


We just came back from Singapore where we spent the week, since our youngest daughter (getting big now, already 13!) had dental surgery where all her four wisdom teeth came out.

My poor baby girl! She was so brave and we tried to make the best […]

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Beautiful Indonesia

Yesterday, August 17, was Indonesia’s Independence Day, celebrated all over the country.

About a year ago, my husband and I had occasion to visit the place where the Indonesian flag was born: Hotel Majapahit in Surabaya. The days following the Indonesian Declaration of Independence, on August […]

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We’ve had wonderful days at the beach here in Phuket, chasing the waves and relaxing in the sand. I brought my small Canon powershot and took some pictures of this paradise and my favorite people. 🙂

Just click on a picture and the gallery will show […]

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Backstreets of Jakarta

Yesterday I brought the camera going through Pejaten and Kemang in the south of Jakarta. These small backstreets are only minutes away from the busy main roads, but still they feel like a different world. I almost forget about the crowded streets and imagine myself […]

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Waterlilies in Bali

Waterlilies in Bali.

They speak to me like poetry, their heads tilting toward the sun and their leaves floating effortlessly on the surface. Nearby a waterfall, water cascading down the rocks, bringing music to the words, and a dragonfly gently humming the tune.


(Click on a picture […]

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